Westie Rescue USA

We view our mission as a second chance for good dogs in bad situations. We have been able to find good loving homes for all the Westies that come our way. The volunteers who make up Westie Rescue USA have been active in rescue for more than 15 years and place over 350 Westies each year. Westies in general recover, forget, and do not hold humans responsible for their former situation; whether tied to a tree in the woods left to die, or left outside till he weighs 10# and 85% of his fur is missing (This little guy survived by chewing his chain off the tree then went down the highway looking for water and food, dragging 8 ft of chain behind), OR was left behind when the family up and left town. See our website for more stories and details. We are always looking for more homes and especially people who will open their hearts and homes to helpless and sometimes hopeless ones....homeless Westies. Donations to keep our program going are always welcomed!

Our Mission

Westie Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic States, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit charity dedicated to assisting West Highland White Terriers needing rescue from neglect or abuse or assistance in finding new homes.

Contact Us

(540) 533-9004

PO Box 342
Dunn Loring, Virginia 22027